Ed Miliband: Tackling UK’s Skills Shortage ‘Urgent’ Priority for Labour – International Business Times

It is “absolutely within the Labour Party’s grasp” to tackle the UK’s skills shortage in the short-term if it is voted into power at the 2015 General Election, according to Ed Miliband.

The Labour Party leader, speaking at the Sutton Trust and Pearson Higher Ambitions Summit, told IBTimes UK that there are things his prospective government could immediately do to address the UK’s skills gap.

“Better qualifications for young people, improve vocational qualifications for our young people, work with employers to make sure that the training is available for our young people,” he said. “I think there’s huge amounts that we can be doing.

“I believe it’s absolutely within our grasps to make quick progress on this by, for example, having a gold standard vocational, you are going to start to give employers the qualified people they need.

“By giving employers more control over the money that’s spent on training you can start to address those skills shortages in the absolute short-term.”

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